Hey White Lady...

This is a critical time for civil rights.  What are we doing to be part of this civil rights movement? Where is our contribution to change?  What are we abiding??

Hey White Lady is not a book club.  It is an inclusive racial work out space dedicated to moving white women into liberatory anti-racist action,  fostering cross-cultural and racial relationships, growing empathy, and igniting movement into anti-racist coalition since 2018, one conversation at a time.

Our world is at an inflection point; the Coup attempt and ongoing struggle for power, Covid-19 , the slide back into xenophobia, and the horrific deaths of George Floyd, Daunte Wright and so many others lost to police violence.  How do we work to dismantle white supremacy and hold America to the promise of actual representative democracy as the  multi-racial democracy it is?  In this time of crisis, grief and Uprising, we commit to continued action on behalf of equity in all avenues of our lives.  Hey White Lady participants enter the HWL racial work-out in order that we may take heart, rigorously engage our radical imaginations and work to bring forth a more just and humane world for all.

Want to join us?

HWL Minneapolis OPEN meets the first Saturday of every month
2 to 4pm Central Time by Zoom.
HWL Los Angeles OPEN meets the second Saturday of the month
3 to 4 Pacific Standard Time.

To join a Hey White Lady Zoom meeting just email us by the Friday before and we will send you the zoom link.

Minneapolis: [email protected]

Los Angeles: [email protected]



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