Hey White Lady is a racial work out space for real talk about dismantling white supremacy. It was started in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Kristen Burns Froebel (rhymes with table) in 2018.

In 2018, after reading “How We Get Free, Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective” edited by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, I was inspired to start an intentional, ongoing critical conversation around activating white women into anti-racist awareness and action, and into directly supporting black and brown women. I called it Hey White Lady almost as a joke, but then it made sense to name the problem, and to hold myself continually accountable.

HWL conversations are available to anyone who wants to talk about race, culture, what’s happening in the world and specifically in local, land-based community.  We talk about how to dismantle white supremacy, about white fog, forming cross-cultural coalition and moving into anti-racist action. We read poetry, share information and stoke hope for making a better world for all.

In 2021 Hey White Lady Minneapolis is co-facilitated with a rotating roster of guests and co-facilitators, currently the wonderful Krista Pearson. We meet on Zoom, where the magic of the internet makes it possible to form new HWL workout spaces all over the world.  Rana Haugen Core, another friend with deep experience in community building, is currently co-facilitator of Hey White Lady Los Angeles.

Now here we are; having frank and necessary conversations in the HWL racial work out with folks of all hues, each of us standing to benefit from dismantling white supremacy, supporting each other's efforts and initiatives, excited to decolonize our minds and joyfully imagining forward a new world.

Join us!

With love and solidarity,

Kristen Burns Froebel