Hey White Lady was started in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Kristen Froebel, a white educator, musician and artist who was inspired after reading the book How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor. In 2018 Kristen had an impactful conversation with community elder Bill Cottman, who exhorted her to go beyond being an ally as a white woman; urging her instead to become an accomplice and view activism as working towards her own liberation. Hey White Lady was her attempt to step into action. It began with a small group of white women meeting in Kristen’s living room. It was originally conceived as a racial work out space for real talk about dismantling white supremacy and has evolved into a resource space and cultural archive. Kristen continues to advocate for racial and social justice as an educator, speaker and artist. Many of the participants in HWL have been inspired to deepen their own commitments to racial justice and are now leading rigorous projects.

2018: Hey White Lady founded. The language we began with; “Hey White Lady is a racial work out space for real talk about dismantling white supremacy available to anyone who wants to talk about race, culture, what’s happening in the world and specifically in local, land-based community.  We talk about how to dismantle white supremacy, about white fog, forming cross-cultural coalition and moving into anti-racist action. We read poetry, share information and stoke hope for making a better world for all.” We have guest speakers including: Jason Sole, Anastasia Higginbotham, Jeanelle Austin and others.

2020: Hey White Lady migrates to zoom in response to the Covid Pandemic. Two online HWL groups are formed, a Minneapolis meeting of white women and a multi-state and multi-racial meeting formed collaboratively with Los Angeles based Rana Haugen.

2021: Kristen joins with other musicians to start the band Brass Solidarity in response to the murder of George Floyd as part of the occupation of George Floyd Square at 38th and Chicago. Brass Solidarity is built out of the tradition of resilience and community fortitude through music.

2021: The Hey White Lady Conference is convened in Los Angeles in July. For three days participants share resources and participate in conversations about racial justice.

2022: Monthly zoom conversations continue. Brass Solidarity plays every Monday at George Floyd Square and joins in protests and actions with Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence.

2023: Hey White Lady ends monthly zoom conversations and becomes a cultural archive and resource based site. Brass Solidarity travels to the HONK festival in Sommerville, Boston.

2024: Hey White Lady founder Kristen Froebel designs Youth Activism curriculum with Aspire Institute in Amsterdam for the Trinity School (NYC) global studies program.